Oregon Online Poker

[19th of October, 2014.]

Can You Gamble in Oregon?

While there are no commercial casinos in Oregon, there are tribal casinos with real-money poker and casino games. And there are no casino game restrictions either; you can play all the games from Texas Hold'em to blackjack to slots for real money.

Horse and dog racing, state lottery (and keno) and charitable bingo are the only forms of legalized online gambling in Oregon.

Oregon Gambling

An advertisement by Oregon state lottery.

What About Online Gambling in Oregon?

The only form of legalized online gambling in Oregon is horse-racing. Oregon state laws mention online gambling as a whole but the mentions are only about accepting payments and placing a bet with an online bookmaker.

Nothing in the state laws indicate that playing Oregon online poker would be illegal - they only seem to concentrate on running a gambling business, although that's just my uneducated opinion (I recommend contacting a local gaming lawyer to make sure you have the right information).

Oregon Poker Sites

And even though accepting gambling payments is illegal in Oregon, all USA internet poker sites accept players from Oregon (all of them are run by offshore companies).

Therefore, whether Oregon online poker is legal or not, you certainly can play it there if you want to. But I still recommend contacting a gaming lawyer to get to the bottom of the situation.