by James Carter on February 19th, 2015. Poker Review became the second regulated online poker room in Nevada on September 17, 2013. The official launch date was September 19th but preregistered players were allowed to participate in a two-day soft launch. (WSOP is now also available in New Jersey and Delaware.)

Better Than Ultimate Poker

WSOP's software has never crashed on me, which by itself is an improvement to Ultimate Poker's software. They have many note-taking features but my favourite feature of them all is the hand-replayer (I can re-play any of my hands from the entire session).

And the software looks good which makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. Besides, it's hard to find good-looking poker software.

Experienced players don't get an edge with statistics softwares at since HUDs are prohibited and they don't save hand histories anyway - I consider this a good thing as well.

But There Are Weaknesses Too

WSOP makes it difficult to move money around; You can only use Mastercard or a bank transfer to deposit (the cashier says that VISA is accepted but most players report that it doesn't work).

To withdraw, I had to upload a canceled check which was annoying. You can withdraw your money by mail checks or electronic checks.

WSOP needs to improve their customer service as well - every time I contacted them, it took days to get a reasonable reply, and judging by the replies I felt that the first e-mails weren't even read.

Perhaps the most annoying problem is the cell phone location failing in the middle of a hand - A message that claims I'm no longer in Nevada pops up and the software closes - likely due to a loss of cell phone connectivity.

Prove Your Location with a Cell Phone

You must have a cell phone to play for real money at because they use cell phone triangulation to ensure that you are located within the state while you're playing. Additionally, your computer must have a Nevada IP address.

Players located within one mile of the state line are unable to play due to the margin of error for cell phone triangulation (the site can't determine with certainty that these players are located within Nevada).

Problems has had location verification issues from the start. Players are getting booted in the middle of a hand, for example. Basically, the software recognizes that you're from New Jersey and allows you to start playing and then suddenly fails to recognize your location and kicks you out - again, in the middle of a hand. (If this has happened to you, always contact their customer support with the hand number to get a reimbursement.)

Regarding the problem above, the iPhone app now shows a notification that says: "players who fail the location test will be allowed to finish current hands before being disconnected from the app." Good news for iPhone users.

The frustrating part about location verification problems is the irregularity - if you weren't able to play at all, fine, but the fact that you can play one day and be unable to play the next day, or the fact that you can start a session but be unable to continue playing in the middle of the session, is incredibly frustrating. In fact, you shouldn't even be able to deposit money into your player account if the software won't allow you to play.

I wonder how thoroughly the geo-location software was tested?

Location verification issues at Poker have gotten to the point where many players rather want to play at non-regulated US online poker sites even though the competition is soft at and playing is 100% legal just because they're so frustrated with constant geolocation problems.

Even more annoyingly, their customer support takes days to answer e-mails. Again, if you're going through one of these problems, don't worry if you receive no replies during the first couple of days -- from what I hear, this is completely normal at (although quite unacceptable).

Nobody has found a 100% fix for this issue. One player reported that you might have success by calling your internet service provider and asking them to give you a new IP address lease. All in all, they US citizens are being introduced to the world of regulated online poker by is horrible.

Bonus Offers No-Deposit Bonus gives you a $10 no-deposit bonus just for signing-up. You'll be able to withdraw the money after earning 160 Action Poker Points -- in others words, you need to pay $80 in rake or tournament fees. You have 60 days after registering to clear the poker no-deposit bonus offer. First Deposit Bonus

If you decide that you like the site and want to move some money to your player account, they've got a 100% first deposit bonus (up to $400) waiting for you. This bonus offer is valid until 28th of February, 2014, although it's likely that they create another bonus offer at that time or stick to this one. I doubt there's a single real-money USA poker site without a deposit bonus of some kind.

You earn the deposit bonus by accumulating Action Player Points (APPs) -- 160 APPs convert into $10 of bonus money, and the bonus is released $10 at a time. awards APPs based on how much rake you pay. In ring games, you'll receive two APPs for every $1 you've contributed in rake. In tournaments, you earn two APPs for every $1 paid in fees (for example, in a $10+$1 tournament you pay $1 as a fee and therefore receive two APPs).

The bonus money will be credited to your account within 72 hours after you've earned it. You have 60 days after depositing to accumulate required points for the bonus after which the bonus expires -- you still get to keep the bonus money that you already earned but you won't be able to clear the rest of the bonus.

The deposit bonus equates to 20% rakeback. All the bonuses are only available to New Jersey residents.

Other Promotions plans on keeping you busy: with $250,000 freerolls, Online Championships, $25,000 Sunday tournaments, $10,000 Nightly tournaments and a bunch of others make it a tempting fully legal and regulated online poker room. Deposits

You can deposit money to your account in three ways:

  1. VISA credit or debit card or Mastercard;
  2. Electronic check;
  3. Bank Transfer (ACH).

While card deposits are the fastest and easiest ways to deposit money to your Poker account, ACH transfers seem to work with a higher success rate. E-check deposits seem work with a high success rate as well.

It's a shame that has not been able to fix its card deposit system - players have to do way too much work to figure out how to get their money to their player account, and without a doubt loses a lot of business because of this.

I read online poker forums daily and many have reported that they've tried to deposit with cards several times in a row and some have reported that their deposit was successful at about 20th attempt. Therefore, much like's geolocation issues, this one seems to be irregular as well.

A representative has reported that a Paypal Pre-Paid Mastercard works with a high success rate ($4.95 purchase fee with initial deposit limits of $10-$500 and thereafter $2,500 in 24 hours).

You'd think one of the first priorities for an online poker business is to make sure that players can get their money transferred to your site -- indeed, if online poker sites have problems with payments, it's usually that they're slow to process cashouts. I have no idea what has focused on but money transactions are not it. Withdrawals

You can withdraw your money from your account in two ways (upon withdrawing, you'll likely need to prove your identity by sending them your bank statement, for example):

  1. Bank Transfer (ACH);
  2. Check

I've recently seen an unusual amount of reports online of some check withdrawals taking multiple weeks although most players get them in a week. Again, weird irregularity on's part, but the checks that get delievered in a week are fast by industry standards (Bovada delivers checks in a week, too, but that's about it).

ACH withdrawals seem to take a few days on average to process which is acceptable. I recommend using ACH transfers for both deposits and withdrawals since it seems like you'll have the least hassle, waiting time and the highest success rate.

WSOP Game Selection

WSOP offers 6-max and full ring No Limit Hold'em action regularly up to $2/$4. Fixed Limit Hold'em action is quite limited.

WSOP was the first Nevada site to offer Omaha and Stud games which have since become popular. You can choose between Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud High/Low.

Pot Limit Omaha games are often found in limits up to $1/$2. Omaha High/Low is only offered in fixed limit. The most common limits are $2/$4 and $3/$6. Seven Card Stud High/Low is usually spread at $2/$4 and $3/$6 limits. Action at Seven Card Stud Hi is rare.

WSOP offers six and nine seat sit and gos. Buy-ins start at $1.10 and cap at $55. WSOP runs rake-free sit and go specials from time to time. All sit and gos are No Limit Texas Hold'em.

WSOP offers tournaments every 15 minutes out of which some don't start due to a lack of participants. All but one daily tournament is No Limit Texas Hold'em (the other is Pot Limit Omaha).

All daily guaranteed tournaments offer rebuys and add-ons. The largest tournament of the week is a $215 buy-in with a $15,000 guaranteed prize pool. This tournament does not allow rebuys or add-ons.

WSOP Player Traffic

WSOP's player traffic caps at about 200 simultaneous cash game players daily (the average is a 100 simultaneous players). Sit and go traffic is poor. Multi table tournaments draw about 40 players, although most guaranteed tournaments draw enough players to prevent overlays.

WSOP Action Club

Action Club is tied into Caesars Entertainment's Total Rewards club. The tiers at WSOP match the ones at Total Rewards. Players must earn 200 Action Points, which equates to $100 in rake, to earn any WSOP Points.

These totals reset each month. A player that maintains a tier for four months will be issued a Total Rewards card for that level.

A WSOP Diamond player will gain access to the exclusive lounge at any Caesars Entertainment property in the US as long as the tier is maintained for four months, as well as all other benefits that pertain to the status. Players may convert 100 WSOP Points into $1 in cash at any time.

Action Club tiers and multipliers are as follows:

Silver 200 1.0x
Gold 400 2.0x
Platinum 1,200 3.5x
Diamond 3,500 5.0x
Elite 50,000 7
Seven Stars 400,000 10 and 888

WSOP's software provider 888 will eventually launch its own network. The two companies will compete against each other with the same software in Nevada and New Jersey in the future.

WSOP has prepared for this by purchasing exclusive rights to use Barriere Digital's poker software in the US. Barriere Digital once operated in the French regulated market but closed in September 2013.

WSOP is the online poker room for the World Series of Poker. It is owned by Caesars Interactive, a division of casino giant Caesars Entertainment.