Bovada Cashouts in 2014

Updated: 9th of November, 2014.

Bovada no longer accepts poker players.

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Bovada Casino and Bovada Sportsbook accept USA players and continue business as usual. offers two withdrawal methods:

  • Checks
  • Rapid Transfer (the equivalent to Moneygram)

Your available withdrawal option depends on the way you deposited money to Bovada; if you made a credit card or a Western Union deposit, you can withdraw the money as a check (Bovada has the fastest check payouts out of all US poker sites); if you made a Rapid Transfer deposit, you can withdraw the money by using Rapid Transfer.

Withdrawing Money from Bovada

Regardless of the way you deposit money to Bovada, your deposit is processed fast when compared to other US online poker sites.

Your available Bovada withdrawal options depend on which of the Bovada deposit options you used. In that sense you have no options; you must use the cashout method that matches with the deposit method.

If you either made a credit / debit / gift card deposit or a money transfer deposit (Western Union), you must request a check withdrawal. To be eligible for a withdrawal after having made a credit card deposit, you must complete the credit card verification form on Bovada's website.

If you used Rapid Transfer to deposit, you will have to cashout using Rapid Transfer as well. You won't be able to deposit via Rapid Transfer and then withdraw a check.

How to cashout from Bovada:

  1. Go to your account and select 'Payout'.
  2. Select the payout method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to cashout.
  4. Confirm your address information.
  5. Click 'Request Payout'.

How long do Bovada payouts take?
Bovada has the fastest payouts out of all US poker sites.

  • Check payouts take 1-3 weeks (most sites take a month, some several).
  • Rapid Transfer payouts take a maximum of 24 business hours, after which you can collect your withdrawal at a local Moneygram location.

Note: Bovada processes payouts only after your pending deposit has cleared, which can take a maximum of five days. In case you make a deposit and then, without using the money, decide to withdraw it, Bovada may take a fee.

What are Bovada's withdrawal limits?

  • For check withdrawals: $100-$3,000.
  • For Rapid Transfer withdrawals: $100-$800.

Are there any cashout fees?
The first check withdrawal of each month is free. If you want to cashout more than once a month, the rest of the cashouts cost $50 each.

Rapid Transfer cashouts cost $20-$60 each depending on the amount.

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